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The online user manual platform.

Well-structured technical documentation and user guides which integrate into your own web panels and products

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Reduce support costs and improve customer experience

Create comprehensive online documentation, and integrate it directly into your control panel or web site


Easy editing and publishing

No special mark-up or mark-down required - point, click, drag and drop within a wysiwyg interface.

Help where it's needed

Give your users direct access to the relevant section without switching tabs or programs.

Powerful model with unlimited levels

Automatic decimal-numbering to any depth - no need to dumb down your documentation to fit.



Full wysiwyg editing

No special markup or markdown notation to learn, just point, click, and edit.

Responsive layout

View and edit tomes on any device and the layout automatically adjusts.

Multiple authors

Create owners, admins, editors, contributors and read-only users with source-control style features to let them work simultaneously.

Multiple data types

Add text, images, source code, videos file downloads, warnings and notices.

Embedded help

Simply embed popup help in any web site or app.

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QR codes

Instant access to user guides or specific sections for physical products via a QR code.

Point your QR reader at the QR code for demo

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$0 / month
  • Single user
  • Advertisements
  • Easy to upgrade to paid versions


$29 / month
  • 2 users
  • Advert-free
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$99 / month

As Commercial, plus:

  • 10 users
  • File storage
  • Private tomes
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Private Install

$299 / month

As Enterprise, plus:

  • 100 users
  • Your own domain
  • Fully customizable appearance
  • Control upgrade deployment
  • Total separation of data
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